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Re: initial SFTP connection issue

The server is obviously misconfigured. It seems that it fails to start SFTP server subsystem.

initial SFTP connection issue

I am using WINSCP 5.9.6 and earlier today I attempted to set up a test connection using SFTP since we need to convert our in house FTP connections to SFTP in the future.
I completed the setup and was making the first connection attempt and it asked a question about the keys. I was expecting this and I thought I answered the question properly but
the connection failed. I found myself back at the initial window and the "test" site was selected.

I tried setting up another test site after checking that I had the right IP address/username/password. I also checked that I had logging turned on.

Even with a new site it did not ask about the keys and the the session ends with a fatal error according to the log. I am hoping that it is just a simple user error but
I can not figure out what it might be.


P.S. I logged in with my username and password which it seemed to accept, but it wanted a confirmation code. So I changed the user name from RDAVID2 to my email address