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Maybe a feature for key password storage can be added in the future :), even if it can pose a security risk.

Pageant is a solution, but it require to enter the key password at each reboot.

The problem is now solved by using a private key without password.

Thank you.

Re: Key password not stored after update

There was a bug in some older versions of WinSCP, that made it using stored password as key passphrase. That was not intentional.

The bug was fixed.

See also

Key password not stored after update

Yesterday I've updated my old Winscp (5.5.1) to the latest stable version (5.9.6-Portable) deleting old ini file and creating new connection profiles from scratch.

The problem I noticed is that while with the previous version the private key password was stored and never asked when connecting to a server, now I have to enter the key password each time I establish a connection.

If I uncheck "Tools > Preferences > Security > Session password > Remember password for duration of session" option, an option to remember the key password is shown when connecting, but it's ignored each time I connect again.

Any suggestion for this issue is welcomed.