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transfer speed throttling question(s)


I'm using version 5.9.6 on a Windows 7 machine with a 1Gb/s network connection. I'm connecting to remote servers over a company WAN to Solaris and Linux servers. I have no access to information concerning the WAN or switch/router settings, etc. However, the local network engineer claims that he is unaware of anything in the system that might cause this.

What I see, when transferring several files at once, is that they all get the same upload transfer speed whether I'm transferring one file or five. Logic tells me that if I'm only transferring one file, it should get a transfer speed of five times the individual speed when transferring five. It seems to make almost no difference how many files I transfer, they all get almost identical transfer speeds. This makes no sense, unless there's some sort of transfer limit somewhere in the system. btw, the Speed setting in WinSCP is always set to Unlimited.

Additional info: I use SCP as the protocol, as I've found that to be quite a bit faster than SFTP. Right now I'm transferring five files ranging from 20 to 30GB in size. They're all transferring at 1,7xxKB/s, varying slowly, but always staying in that range. Yes, if I transfer lots more files simultaneously, those speeds at some number of transfers start to drop, so there is, obviously, a network bottleneck.

I'll likely never get any answers from Microsoft about networking limits in Windows 7, so I'm hoping someone here can explain why this is.