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The connection protocol timing can make dealing with this program incredibly frustrating

This is a complaint about what I find absolutely infuriating when dealing with this program:
When a current connection is unexpectedly terminated, or when you try connecting to a server that you get no response from, you have to SIT THERE FOR A FULL THIRTY SECONDS, AND THEN YOU HAVE 5 SECONDS TO HIT THE "OK" button to terminate the process, or it goes right back into an uninterruptible 30 seconds of trying to connect which you have to wait the entire time AGAIN for, because AGAIN you only have 5 seconds to hit that OK button again or it will loop forever.

I wouldn't care if you could just CLOSE the program, but whoever programmed this made it so YOU CAN'T. The only way to forcefully close it is to kill the actual process.

You seriously need to either A) take the goddamn lock off of the normal "close" action or B) Make it so you can INTERRUPT the connection request instead of forcing you to wait a full 30 seconds and also turn off that goddamn loop. WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU PERPETUALLY LOOP A BAD CONNECTION ATTEMPT??? and C) TURN OFF THAT GODDAMN 5 SECOND LIMIT YOU HAVE TO KILL THE LOOP