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How use InstallShield register the WinSCPnet.dll to WinSCPnet.tlb

In a 64-bit Dev machine as Test machine as well, I could run the VB6 project which reference to WinSCPnet.tlb to implement the FTPS function successfully. In this machine, I use Regasm.exe to register WinSCPnet.dll /codebase /tlb, but I don't know how to include this step for self-register the .dll through the Installshield tool when I tried to generate the .msi package.

I add the WinSCP.exe, WinSCPnet.dll, and WinSCPnet.tlb files to the package folder, then set ".NET COM Interop" to "Yes", but when I run the package I got the Error " 1904. Module ~\MyDLL.dll failed to register. HRESULT -2147220473. Contact your support personnel". And the application doesn't work.

Anybody could help me for how to use InstallShield to generate .msi package with self register the .dll and .tlb as well.

Thanks a lot!