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Re: Invalid access to memory

Thanks for your report.

Invalid access to memory

Version of WinSCP:
Version of Microsoft Windows you are running WinSCP on: 10
Transfer protocol (SFTP, FTP, SCP or WebDAV): SFTP
GUI: Commander I think, it has a panel on the left and on the right with local and remote
Full error message: Invalid access to memory

"If you are not able to reproduce the problem with the steps, it is probably not worth to report it as I will not be able to reproduce it (and solve) too."
OK, well, I got to this step... I wanted to report the error as the error message asked me to help, and I like WinSCP... but perhaps the request that one make a report on the forum should say "IF you can reproduce the issue."

I doubt I can reproduce the issue, but I can give some information that might help. There was a power outage. This didn't affect my laptop, but did bring down the fileserver (the network drive mount on the left panel) and it did bring down the internet, so the server that had a connection on the right was lost for a period of time. I'd guess the issue was losing the Windows drive letter mapped fileserver on the left, as that panel showed blank at the point of the crash, while the panel on the internet scp site still showed all the files that I'd successfully transferred up before leaving WinSCP idle.