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Re: Copy Options dialog is blank?

I'll fix it in next release.

Copy Options dialog is blank?

With the latest version from the webpage (2.2 build 122), when I drag n drop copy files, the "Copy to Drop Target" dialog comes up. When I click the "More" button, the dialog grows in size, to fit the extra options in, but they don't appear! The dialog is completely blank dapart from the "Copy" "Cancel" and "Less" buttons...if I press Less, the dialog goes back to original size again. This makes it awkward to copy certain files, ie text files with no extension because they are detected incorrectly as binary and I can't change the option :o)

I don't get this problem with 2.1 so I've gone back to that version for now. The problem occurs on a number of machines, mostly XP (SP1), and 2000 (SP3)...