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Topic review


Thanks Martin.

The thing is, what does that "forever" cover, then...

Forever, for
- the files in the current queue, no matter how many times transferring them is asked again
- all same-as-now operations with the current host
- all same-as-now operations with all hosts
- all operations with all hosts

I apologize if I'm nitpicking, splitting hair, etcetera. I'm trying to convey how I perceive this as a problem, because, clearly (and fortunately, lol) most people have no issue here, so maybe it's difficult to understand why it's an issue for a small minority.

Re: Minor feedback: confusing, because competing, dialog entries

Yes, your assumption is correct. As all instances of "Ne plus me demander" in WinSCP, it means forever. While "Oui pour tous" is just for the current transfer batch.

I'll think about it.

Minor feedback: confusing, because competing, dialog entries


Some small feedback here, there have been those two dialogue options, when risking to overwrite a file, that always sounded troubling to me, because it's as if both of them are competing to offer the same functionality.
- Yes for all
- Don't ask me again
In my mind, it's that dialogue: it's a good program. Would it offer competing features? Probably not. So, it must mean I'm not getting it. I might screw up if I'm not extremely careful. Maybe one of them is for the current session time, while the other is forever. It sounds threatening... better not touch it and manually confirm every overwrite...
You see the idea?

A screenshot. It's a French dialogue (baguette represent) but to make it easier, I surrounded in red the two areas that seem to offer the same functionality, Yes for all, and Don't ask again, to keep on overwriting without requiring an additional confirmation.

Feel free to disregard that feedback, it's just that I had five spare minutes on hand, good day everyone! :)