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Re: .tmp files created in Temp folder by Session

No you cannot. Make sure you dispose the Session object, once it's no longer needed.

.tmp files created in Temp folder by Session


i have a Problem with .tmp files that gets created when i call Session.Open(), this file gets updated when i call the Session.PutFiles Function.

That is a Problem, my tempfolder was full after 3 months with 65k files and i could not delete them because the process that created them is a Long living one.

Is there a way i can block the creation of These temp Files?

Session = new Session() {

                ExecutablePath = executablePath,
                DebugLogPath = null,
                SessionLogPath = null,
                DebugLogLevel = 0,

Example Name of the Files created: wscp3CFC.0256F2AE.tmp