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Re: Winscp-Showing access denied problem

Sorry, but this does not look like a problem with WinSCP. Or can you login with any other SSH or SFTP client?

Winscp-Showing access denied problem

Hi All,

We have been using a linux machine (which is a critical one in our environment) and used to do operations through winscp also everything was working fine.we have arcos PIM application in client location and client asked us to make a service(linux) login through arcos PIM application.So had to enable the password policy for that service(linux) so direct login into winscp/command line won't available and only through arcos pim application only onw has to login.After this we had request internally saying that,it has to be done directly instead of through PIM application.So we had tried to restore it but it's not working and it's throwing error access denied.

Please let us know how to remove access denied error in winscp.We have only one account i.e root account and that linux server is crucial one.Please let me know how to make it for direct login instead of authentication through PIM.