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Re: Move big file with ftp

OK, and your question is? What part of the task do you have problems with?

Move big file with ftp

Hi all
I will try to explain my problem to you. In this moment i have a server with Sql database, this services generate big file (200gb), saved in local server
During the night, is present a script to send last file created in my NAS.
After finish the transfer, doesn’t delete last backup but preserve last 2 backup, and delete third old.
For example
First day, backup1
Second day, backup 2
Third day, generate backup 3 and delete 1.

In this moment I use script with windows native file transfer, but this method has more problems when lost connection or any problems during the transfer.
Also is more important to integrate a system to retry automatically transfer when lost connection
sorry in advance if I was not clear, and sorry my English.

Thank you very much