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Re: Cannot open remote file

Please attach a full verbose session log file from both WinSCP and FileZilla (using the latest versions of both).

Cannot open remote file

I am trying to copy a log file that is being written by a server to a local disk. Following message is displayed in GUI:
Cannot open remote file
No such file or directory.
Error code: 2
Error message from server (en): File not found

Filezilla copies this file easily, like any other file. But I need scripting and am considering WinSCP. Unfortunately WinWCP fails. Same error occurs when I'm using WinSCP in a powershell script. WinSCP downloads successfully files that are not open by another applications but fails to download if file is being written by another application.

This problem makes WinSCP useless to me.

It is very strange that WinSCP fails in such a basic scenario. This is one of common cases when log files need to be downloaded, and log files are usually permanently open by some application. Such major problem means that neither software developers nor system admins use WinSCP. Who then uses it?