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Hi Martin,

Hey, thats just looks what as as searching for (still need to test but it looks like it).
I wanted such a folderstructure but I never thought that the 'Move To' means 'Move to a parent level or create a parent level'.
With this I can create a parent level 'usage 1' and 'usage 2' and put the wanted directories under there so that's great!


Re: Question about locationprofiles usage/possibilities

No, this is not supported.

Though, you can create profile folders for your two usages.

Another hack is to add an alias to your server to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts and connect to the alias for the second usage.

Question about locationprofiles usage/possibilities

I like the locationprofiles in WinSCP but I'm wondering if there te possibility to start a WinSCP-session with different locationprofiles?

What do I mean with that:
If I need to connect to a remote server to check something about lets say 'usage1' i would like to have the directories '/io/usage1' and '/log/usage1' in my locationprofiles list because those are the directories that are used for that functionality.

If I want to connect to the same remote server and i want to check 'usage2' then I would like to have other directories in that locationprofiles because for that usage2 i need files from other directories then for usage1.

Is that in some way possible in WinSCP? maybe by starting with command line or ??