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Re: WinSCP don't see Amazon S3

@Disha: S3 support is included in the stable version of WinSCP for years now. Make sure you have recent (the latest preferably) version of WinSCP.

WinSCP don't see Amazon S3

Is beta another version of WinSCP that I need to install to tackle this issue?

S3 Not Shown in Protocol List

I am following the instructions on the following page to setup transfer to AWS S3 bucket.

When I start WinSCP and get the Login box, I select New Site node on the left. When I check the Protocol drop-down, I only have SFTP, SCP, FTP and WebDAV. I don't see Amazon S3 as an option.

I am currently running version 5.11.3 (Build 7995). When I do a Check for Updates, it says I have the latest version.


PS - Nevermind. Upon digging a little more, I see that S3 is only available in the beta. Downloading now.