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Re: Error handlings in Windev with COM assembly

You better ask the question on some site related to Windev.
Fred L.

Error handlings in Windev with COM assembly


I'am programming a transfert service in Windev, using the WINSCP .NET assembly, and I am quite new with assemblies.

I've managed to write the connection, uploads, and dowloads, everything works fine, but now I'm stuck with errors handling.

Here is what I am trying to do :
transferResult est un TransferOperationResult dynamique

transferResult = clSess:GetFiles(clSess:HomePath+"/resultat2/*_index.txt", VGL_AppPath+"\", False, Null) // The path "resultat2" doesn't exists, so an error will be raised

IF NOT transferResult.IsSuccess THEN
   // List all occuring errors
   FOR i = 1 _TO_ transferResult:Failures:count // this line works, it returns 1
         info(transferResult:Failures:item[i]:Message) // THIS IS WHERE THE PROBLEM IS

As I don't know how to convert the correct syntax from .NET to Windev, I've tried all exemples I could find in the forum :

VB syntax : transferResult.Failures.Item(0).Message => doesn't compile, "procedure Item unknown"
transferResult.Failures.Item(0).Message => compile, but fails in runtime : "<item> : number of parameters is incorrect"

C# syntax : TransferOperationResult.Failures[0].Message => doesn't compile, ends with error "member Failures is not global and cannot be accessed from a global method"
TransferOperationResult.Failures(0).Message => doesn't compile, "procedure Failures unknown"

I tryed to replace [] by (), as Windev usually doesn't use []. But I don't know if I should keep them as I am working with an assembly.
Alos tried to replace 0 by 1, as counters in Windev usually start at 1. I've hard coded the item number without using my i variable for demonstration purpose.

BTW, Windev is not case sensitive.

So, I am lost, and can't find the correct syntax.
All ideas are welcome.