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Ok got it, i was missing some arguments.
For those in the same case, here are options needed :
$session.SynchronizeDirectories([WinSCP.SynchronizationMode]::Remote, $Source, $Destination, $True, $False, [Winscp.SynchronizationCriteria]::Time, $transferOptions)

See for details.

Powershell script - Exclude directory

I'm working on a powershell script that sync remote ftp folder from local windows OS.
However, i'm unable to exclude one local folders from sync.
For example, i try to backup C:\test\backup and exclude C:\test\backup\folder

I put those options
$transferOptions = New-Object WinSCP.TransferOptions

$transferOptions.TransferMode = [WinSCP.TransferMode]::Binary
$transferOptions.FileMask = "*.*| folder/"

And run
$session.SynchronizeDirectories($SyncMode, $SourcePath, $DestinationPath, $True, $transferOptions)

Could u tell me what i'm doing wrong?