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Re: settings the sync

What is "editor location"? Do you mean a path to editor executable? You can use an environment variable in WinSCP confirmation and set the variable differently on each host.

settings the sync

Hi Martin,

I am trying to ignore the editor location in the synced .ini config file and store it locally to each installation, is that possible?


Re: Sync INI file but ignore certain settings?

What "specific settings"?

Sync INI file but ignore certain settings?

Hi All,

I have synced my .ini file between by work and home PC via a VPN which works fine, but my home laptop runs windows from SSD and all my software is installed on a HDD i.e. install locations are different (Work = C:/Program Files/.. | Home = D:/Installed/...)

So can I get WinSCP to ignore this specific setting and configure it locally to each PC?

If not, what could be a work around/alternative solution?

Many thanks in advance :)