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Re: File compare with selecting only one file in one panel?

No. But, with some hacking, you can do it the other way around. Select file on the remote (right) panel and have a local file be automatically selected.

but you would have to implement a wrapper script that takes ! and [n]!\[/m] patterns and uses them to generate WinMerge command-line. Particularly by extracting filename from ! and combining it with !\.

File compare with selecting only one file in one panel?


is it possible to use File Compare (WinMerge) custom command without the need to select the file in both left and right pannels.

I would click on one file in the left local panel only and then use a shortcut to execute the file compare command and the file of the same name would be automatically selected in the right pannel. This is how it works in Total Commander and it really makes the work flow much more effective.

Or it could be implemented somehow like "synchronized file selection", where the corresponding file would be auto selected in the second pannel.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.