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Configuration for reverse ssh tunnel

I am using a RaspberryPi connected to a cell phone modem which works great sending outgoing information automatically using a cron job and rsync, but there is a firewall for incoming, thus the need for a reverse ssh.
I have set up a reverse ssh tunnel to a server (website) from the pi which works very good. I can use putty to first login into the server, then ssh using port forwarding to the pi login into the pi. This all works very well using putty, now I would like to use WINSCP to go from my home windows computer to the server then to the pi.

On the pi side I setup the reverse ssh tunnel with:
>ssh -N -R 10000:localhost:22

Once I have logged into the server with putty on my windows machine, I then send the command to login into the pi:
>ssh -l pi -p 10000 localhost
after entering the password I have the command line of the pi.
For my configuration, how do I setup WINSCP to be connected to the pi?

Many thanks