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Re: Binary upload switches to ascii when resumed ?

There's no transfer after reconnect.
WinSCP retrieves directory listing only (using ascii mode). And only to find out that "File transfer was completed before disconnect". So not transfer resuming really happens.

Binary upload switches to ascii when resumed ?

Dear reader,

I'm using WinSCP to upload daily back-ups to HiDrive. Yesterday the binary transfer was interrupted and resumed. The final result on the ftp server is correct, the file 100% matches the local file.

But looking in the log I noticed that the resume uses ASCII to upload the remainder of the file. Is that correct ? Because I explicitly specified binary transer ?

WinSCP logfile is attached

Upload is done using the following BAT snippet.
    set mywinscp=c:\Program Files\WinSCP\WinSCP.exe

    echo option batch abort>"%winscp_script%"
    echo option confirm off>>"%winscp_script%"
    echo open ftpes://>>"%winscp_script%"
    echo put -resumesupport=on -transfer=binary "">>"%winscp_script%"
    echo exit>>"%winscp_script%"
    "%mywinscp%" /console /script="%winscp_script%" /log="%winscp_log%" /loglevel=1 /ini=nul >> "%logfile%" 2>>&1