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Unfortunately it is not our server but an external provider.

It's curious beacuse I use many servers and it's the first time it happens :-(

If in the future you want support Italian format date and you need information, you can contact me, I would like to help you :-)


Re: WinSCp doesn't show correctly file list on some ftp site.

WinSCP unfortunately does not understand Italian month names and number format in the listing.

If possible, get your server reconfigured to English.

WinSCp doesn't show correctly file list on some ftp site.


first at all the WinScp is fantastic :-)

I have a problem with a some ftp site.
I opened the connection to the site without problem but WinSCP doesn't not show the file list.
If I connect with ftp from command prompt I retrived the list without problem.

I enabled the WInSCP log.
In the log file the list of files is correct.

I attached the program screenshot and the connection log file.

Can someone help me ?
Thanks a lots.

Best regards,
Fabiano Baderna