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winSCP doesn't connect to server anymore

Hello and good day :)
First things first: I am quite a few fries short of a winSCP-Happy-Meal...
I just established an SSL certificate on a website, so that now the green padlock appears when you go there. I do have installed the latest winSCP version.
Now, when I try to connect with this SSL website, it just wouldn't. A timeout error occurs.
I have a few other websites I host but which are not yet featured with an SSL certificate and they connect properly as usual. So I guess it has got something to do with this SSL stuff.
I tried some of the other options (SFTP, SCP) but nothing does the trick.
This is really important for me, as I now don't dare to work on the other sites SSLwise...
Has somebody a hint for an old girl that does not really understand all this ...?
Thanks in advance and a great start into this week to you all! :)

I found the mistake. I had to modify the servername as I was given a new one by 1&1...