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Re: -hostkey signature error "whitespace"

This is rather a PowerShell question.

Anyway this works:
D:\winscp\ /log=D:\winscp\winscp.log /command "open sftp://user:password@address -hostkey=`"`"ssh-ed25519$s256$snpaaxdsra.....EmNyc=`"`"" "put $zfile /data/folder/" "exit"

Actually documented here:

I've executed the script in PowerShell external it worked and it not worked inside SQL Server (PowerShell) it's a problem of Certificat because the first one used it from cache.

Any idea how to add the certificat on SQL Server ?

For information I can send file using PowerShell but not from the SQL Server Job Agent (that use PowerShell).

I replaced the spaces with a variable $s=" "

D:\winscp\ /log=D:\winscp\winscp.log /command "open sftp://user:password@address -hostkey=""ssh-ed25519$s256$snpaaxdsra.....EmNyc=""" "put $zfile /data/folder/" "exit"

Any idea ?

-hostkey signature error "whitespace"


I'm trying to upload a file to a remote server.

For information I'm using Microsoft SQL Server (job task) that use PowerShell.

So When I concatenate the parameters PowerShell do not ignore the whitespace and it cut it, Ex:

D:\winscp\ /log=D:\winscp\winscp.log /command "open sftp://user:password@address -hostkey=""ssh-ed25519 256 npaaxdsra.....EmNyc=""" "put $zfile /data/folder/" "exit"

It give an error:

(Exception) **Host key does not match configured key

Because the hostkey passed do not match with the key that I sent (from the log).

Script: open sftp://user:***@address/ -hostkey=ssh-ed25519

It cut everything after the whitespace, I tested with a lot of compbinaison and nothing..

ex: ` | &('..')

For information all that I found is escaping the whitespace in the file path not in the paraeters (theorically it's the same) ex:

This is the documentation page:

Any help will be so appreciated