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Re: Error put command in specific folder

SFTP protocol always uses forward slashes, even when you are connected to a Windows machine.

Login with WinSCP GUI and check a remote file panel for the correct path syntax that your SFTP server uses.

You can even have the GUI generate a script template for you:

Error put command in specific folder


I'm trying to copy a folder from one Windows Server to another, using this command:

open sftp://myuser:mypw@
put -nopermissions -nopreservetime "C:\scp\Testecopia" "D:\Testecopia"

In my understanding, "C:\scp\Testecopia" is the source in source server and "D:\Testecopia" the destination in destination server.

Error creating folder /C:/Users/myuser/D:Testecopia/'
Bad message <badly formatted packet or protocol incompatibility>;
Error code: 5
Error message from server: Bad message

I appreciate any help i can get.