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Re: Command to Specify a Space in Remote Directory Path in a .cmd file

That's for URL. But you want "script", right? So switch to "Script" tab, it will show you this syntax:
"put \\servername\sharename\*.txt ""/New Directory/"""

See also

Command to specify a space in remote directory path in a .cmd file

Remote directory to drop file(s) has a space in its name. What's the correct syntax for this statement? I can drop the files into the New Directory using the UI just fine.

Here's an example:
"put \\servername\sharename\*.txt /New Directory"

Generate session URS/code shows to reference it after the port as /New%20directory/ That doesn't work. The log shows it is trying to drop it in /New0directory.

Excerpt from log:
Copying 1 files/directories to remote directory "/New0directory"