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Re: Can not open seasison in Putty

When installed from Windows Store, WinSCP cannot pass a full server of session settings to PuTTY. But it could pass a private key indeed:

Can not open seasison in Putty

I'm using Winscp portable with no problem. Today, i download Winscp from Windows Store, login successful in to my server, but when i press "Open seassion in Putty" button, i can not login, error dialog in Putty say :

Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey)

I reinstall Winscp and Putty, try again but error still there.
I'm try to login to my server using Putty directly (not through Winscp) so everything OK, nothing wrong.

I think Winscp do not forward my private SSH key to Putty. Please help.

// Anotherthing, i download lastest portable Winscp and it version do not have above error.