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Proposal for a API Session.CompareDirectories(...)

I have an simple proposal for the API, new method named: Session.CompareDirectories(...) Since adding to SynchronizeDirectories is not a backwards compatible, so creating a new method is probably good idea.

It's result API could be similar as the SynchronizeResult maybe CompareResult but it would allow to commit each change one by one.

Re: Session.SynchronizeDirectories() preview missing?

Thanks for your post.

This request is being tracked already:

Session.SynchronizeDirectories() preview missing?


I'm trying to use Session.SynchronizeDirectories but it's missing a preview flag.

How can I do preview using .NET API? I need to first synchronize using `SynchronizationMode.Both` but I need to see the changes first before I let it to proceed to do the real thing, hence I need preview first.


Edit: I found this: Maybe just adding a preview bool switch there will do? I can then check the SynchronizationResult and commit the changes manually by iterating the preview result list.

Edit2: I tried in my local fork of WinSCP dotnet DLL but it probably requires a bigger change than just a flag.