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Re: Winscp script not writing log file [WIN 2008 R2]

It possibly creates logs, but elsewhere than you think.
Check what is the working directory of the scheduled command.
Or use a full path to a log file.

Winscp script not writing log file [WIN 2008 R2]

I have a winscp script running as a scheduled task which transfers some files to a customer site. This works without any issues. However when I added logging option to the script it won't generate logs when run by the schedule. However it works if I run it from the command prompt. The task scheduler runs this task as an user which has full permission. I know it works because the script deletes files and it has been running for over a year. We want to enable logging because customer is complaining that they're not receiving files. here's first line of the batch file
C:\Script\winscp\ /script:C:\Script\ftplogin.txt /log=!Y!M!D!T.log
first line of the ftplogin.txt
open -passive=on