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I could solve the problem with the following parameter.

"put -delete -filemask="*XYZ*.pdf" \\ABC\DEF\GHI" ^

The entry can be closed/deleted

webdav share upload

Hi, I'm stuck with the following problem.


Files are created in the folder (Local) and should be transferred to wedav(remote). I could solve this with a batch/Winscp.

New requirement:

The files in the Local folder must be checked and files with the name XXXX_YYYY_XXX
to remote(webdav) ABC

And files named XXXX_ZZZZ_XXX should be transferred to remote(webdav) XYZ

Unfortunately, I have only been working with WinSCP for a short time and I am not sure if it can be solved this way.

The best thing would be if I could run this in a batch as a Windows task

I hope you can help me