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Re: can I provide a japanese patch?

Hello! Mr. Guest. :wink:
I'm a japanese, May I help you?

I have no skill to develop a japanese patch. But, I may help your work.
Please send a mail to <>

Re: can I provide a japanese patch?

You're welcome to provide Japanese patch.

can I provide a japanese patch?

I know that the translation of charsets is future work,
but I want to use other language version of WinSCP especially in japanese.Maybe there is a lot of people who think so.

Then,I will make a japanese patch to WinSCP and provide it to the others by the internet.
For the Author,and the license of WinSCP,is it possible or license violation?
It may be against the license of "This program mustn't be modified".
I will not provide a program which is patched with japanese but a program of genuine WinSCP and japanse patch.

I would like to hear from auther,please.