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Thank you very much Martin!

This was exactly what I needed to know.

Re: One line to change password " /key gen key.ppk /changepassphrase"

You can use this (undocumented) syntax: /keygen key.ppk /passphrase=old /changepassphrase=new

One line to change password " /key gen key.ppk /changepassphrase"

Hi all, I am trying to change the passphrase for a .ppk file.
I can change the password using CMD as Administrator by running the command " /key gen key.ppk /changepassphrase", then entering the password twice.

I wish to do the above with a script, is there a way to set the password in one line?

I have tried a few things similar to below in a batch script but had no luck. /key gen key.ppk /changepassphrase


Can anyone point me in the right direction?

#Please not i had to split key gen as it is caught by the spam filter