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Re: Automated file transfer stops during transfer

Please attach the log anyway.

Automated file transfer stops during transfer

Hi All,

I am using a script to automate a transfer of multiple files from environment 1 to a Environment 2, this has been somewhat working and doesn't complete the transfer for most of the requested files. The transfers stop at different percentages and is causing a pain as ideally I don't want to manually transfer the files, I have been searching the logs and found the following:

< 2018-10-09 16:18:47.503 Script: Copying files from remote side failed.
< 2018-10-09 16:18:47.503 Connection closed; aborted transfer of **

There's not much detail to the logs, I have tried the GUI aswell and the same thing happens, the transfers just stop, which led me to using filezilla in which hasn't had any issues in transferring - does anyone have an idea what the issue could be?