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Re: Chrome reporting WinSCP as incompatible application

Thanks for your report.
We actually got a similar report already:

Though as I've answered to that post, I cannot imagine what this can have to do with WinSCP.

Chrome reporting WinSCP as incompatible application

If my Windows computer crashes, on restart Chrome shows a warning:
This application could prevent Chrome from working properly. Learn how to update applications
WinSCP 5.13.4
and gives the option to remove the application. Obviously I don't want to remove WinSCP.

Running the latest version of Chrome - 69.0.3497.100
As well as the version of WinSCP indicated.
This has happened to me twice. WinSCP was not active or open either at the times the computer crashed or when Chrome relaunched.

The message disappears when I launch WinSCP. I am not noticing any problems with WinSCP function.

This appears to be tied to the Chrome "feature" described here:

(My computer crashing is an entirely different issue -- but this is not a new problem and has never occurred in a context where I would think that WinSCP had anything to do with it)

But I'm reporting this as I think your developers should be aware of this. Maybe there's a setting within WinSCP that can be adjusted to prevent this?