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Thanks for your feedback.

Wow! I tried it. Its working great. Thank you very much for this cool feature. :)

Re: Synchronize checklist-window as treeview checklist possible?

That would be quite a change.

But I've added commands to check/uncheck all files that are in the same folder tree as selected file(s):

The commands are in checklist context menu.

I'm sending you an email with a development version of WinSCP to the address you have used to register on this forum.

Synchronize checklist-window as treeview checklist possible?

For synchronize a single folder the view is fine, but here is not possible to exclude sub-folders from comparing, so after comparing(synchronize) the parent folder I must many files from sub-folders uncheck before starting transfer.

Its would be help, when the dialog is not a checkbox list, instead a treeview checkbox component, so that I can uncheck a folder, so all his files/folders uncheck too. So I need only one click for exclude a folder and his files and sub-folders.

What I mean with treeview checkbox list