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Re: class upload

Sorry, but I do not understand what are you trying to do. Or how does this relate to WinSCP at all. What "system" are you referring to?

class upload

We are uploading with SFTP but not sure of the version we use. I have uploaded for my campus classes now 4 times and the system just does not do anything with it. It does not return an error message indicating why it will not upload this information. I have compared it to the other uploads i.e. onpost and online and the format is exactly the same the file is just larger.I am at a loss and frustrated because now we are entering the holiday week and if the upload I did today does not go through again the soldiers will have to wait till Monday or later for me to correct. If I receive something today and can have the upload fixed tonight or tomorrow night then that would be great! Renee Shipley - 719-502-4222