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Re: Winscp : download updating log file to local

Are you asking how to continually download new contents from the remote log file?

Use get -resume in WinSCP script:
open s
get -resume /remote/path/my.log C:\local\path\my.log

And loop the script continuously. E.g. from a batch file using goto command.
:loop /script=get.txt /log=c:\path\to\winscp.log
goto loop

Though that will require new connection for each update.
You may want to use WinSCP .NET assembly instead, to run the loop over one connection.

Winscp : download updating log file to local

Can anyone help me with this ?

I have a log (text) file on remote server which is continously updating when users access the website. I need to download this file in realtime to local drive. Can this be achieved to download this file with realtime writing logs.

Please help !