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Re: Downloading a file with certain text

I believe you want to use this:
get /sftp-server/files/*%TIMESTAMP#yyyymmdd%*.zip c:\folder\download\today\

Downloading a file with certain text

I'm trying to download from an SFTP Server. The file that I want to download is in one big folder, each day a new file is being added, the old ones are not deleted though.
The problem is that I only want to download the new file in a different folder than the old files.
This is the script I currently use:
open sftp://user:password@sftp-server

synchronize local c:/folder/download/today /sftp-server/files/

Now the "" has the current date in its name, but that's not the only thing, it also has other letters and numbers in it that don't change from the older files. Example:

How can I tell the script to only download the .zip file that has the current date (Format: yyymmdd) in its name? I tried adding
at the point of
but that didn't seem to work.

I searched around in the documentation but couldn't find anything that really helped.