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Re: SFTP connection not working when we use script option

It's not because of the script, but because you used the /ini=nul switch, which forces you to specify the host key in the open command.
Dhanasekara pandian

SFTP connection not working when we use script option


I am using WINSCP 5.13 and Windows 10.

I tried to connect SFTP in command prompt like following. "open sftp://****@**.***.**.** -privatekey="W:\Private.ppk" -passphrase=****" after getting in to WINSCP. It is working fine.

I tried the same using a script file like """C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\WinSCP.exe" /ini=nul /script="W:\SendFileCommands.txt".

File has the following script "open sftp://****@**.***.**.** -privatekey="W:\Private.ppk" -passphrase=****".

When I run using script, is is failing to authenticate and expects the Hostkey.

May I know why it requires host key while we try to run the same using script?

Could you please give me the solution for this?