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Re: Batch delete files in more directories

martin wrote:

Found files can be deleted:
Maybe you are using old version of WinSCP.

Martin, thank you so much. I was really using an old version.

Dík moc ;)

Batch delete files in more directories

Hello, we have a few thousands directories on our server, each of it contains a few .jpg files:
- 123.jpg (original file uploaded by the user)
- big123.jpg (a smaller copy created automatically)
- thumb123.jpg (a thumb size copy created automatically)

We need to delete all the original jpg files (because of a disk space), but preserve "big" and "thumb" versions. Is there any way in WinSCP to do it? I can search/filter those files (alt f7) with "| big*.jpg; thumb*.jpg" command but that is all. There is no option to work with search result more further.

Thank you so much for your ideas.