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Apply filters to file transfer (not only visualization)

Winscp Version 5.14.4
Transfer Protocol: sftp

I am trying to transfer by WinSCP a directory (DIR1) which contains a lot of nested subdirectories from local machine (Windows 10, sftp client) to a remote one (CentOS Linux 7, sftp server).

Initially the remote machine does not have any file of those that I want to transfer.

I want to filter the files in this way:
- DIR1 and all the directories nested inside it must be transferred
- only files having suffix .gpx AND modified after 2018-12-01 must be transferred

I want to do that using the the Commander Interface GUI.

So, I use ctrl-alt-F to define this mask in the local (left) side of the Commander Interface:
as suggested at the page:

After doing that, if I try to explore the local directories on the local (left) side of the Commander Interface, I actually find all the directories but in each directory only *.gpx files modified after 2018-12-01 are visible.

Now I transfer the DIR1 directory from local to remote system: I do that by dragging the DIR1 folder from the left (local) side to the right (remote) side of the Commander Interface.

When I go on the remote system, I find out that all the directories but also all the files have been transferred, not only files having suffix .gpx AND modified after 2018-12-01. This is not what I was expecting.
So, it looks like the filter is not working for file transfers, but only for visualizing the files.

What am I doing wrong, and I can I get my target?