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Re: Portable Version requests to install

nello wrote:

Agree. But shouldn't a standalone just run without trying to invoke the install function that the OS is appropriately flagging...

I do not understand. WinSCP does not invoke any install function. What exactly do you mean by that?

Portable Version requests to install

I downloaded the portable version and there were 4 files WinSCP.exe License.txt readme.txt.

Clicking on either the com or exe resulted in the following pop up
"The app you're trying to install isn't a Microsoft verified app.

I did create a .ini file and added the lines below as recommended
[code] [Configuration\Interface]

QUESTION: If this is a portable should it not just run without installation? I would like to run it as a regular non Admin USER on my system.

Thanks in Advance.

Portable version actually not a portable.

I think if it is portable then you need put all of app files in same directory.
it can be perfect for who needs to work with allways diffrent computer.
I see all of data is saving at regedit.
for keep all of those passwords ftp accounts safe. only one password(that password you can make aes or something like that and protect our portable with it) for access to winscp.
if even our portable stolen no one can access our ftp accounts.
I just wanted to told that. winscp is nice but not safe!
the portable version is really frustration.
also main version not safe too.
can be someone make any app(exe) and export our data then import to his regedit at his computer.
our winscp data& passwords from regedit named "Martin Prikryl" everyting in it.
my idea can be used for main version too.