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I used the program since since April, but manualy... i dont know programing, to use the scripts...

Now all day´s i perform one easy upload...

I select all folders of the c:\XPTO\ to \\Cloud\XPTO
When ask, to overwrite, i say "no to all"
And done.

But with GUI are "easy", how i write the script to creat one bat, on tasklist of windows?


Diary Backup to diferent folder on remote

Hello all :)

I am using the program to back up the server from different folders to the cloud once a week, manually :(

I do not know how to program, but I wanted the backup to be daily and automatic.
And how I set the start time?

Backup of the c:\XPTO\*.*, C:\XPTO2\*.* And d:\XXX\*.*
I wanted the cloud server to always have a copy of older days.


Can I create a second backup, from another folder, but only 1x per week?

Thank you...