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Re: Help with Command Line

This cannot work, with nor without the -delete.
You have to enclose the whole command to double quotes, like:
winscp SERVER /command "get -delete /FOLDER1/FOLDER2/*.zip d:\FOLDER3\FOLDER4"

Help with Command Line

Hi All,

New User,

I am trying to run a DOS command to connect to a server, navigate down 2 folder levels, copy a file and put it on a folder on my server and then delete the file from the server

Below is command that i am trying, i am having an issue with the deletion of the file part after I copied it. Would anyone be able to give me some pointers, if i remove the -delete part the command does what i want apart from the deletion part

winscp SERVER /command get -delete /FOLDER1/FOLDER2/*.zip d:\FOLDER3\FOLDER4