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Files not uploading in the background when Synchronizing

I am attempting to use the Synchronize function to Mirror my files onto my server. However, I have an ever increasing number of very small files, so uploading is very slow and it can take multiple days to complete a Mirror. I found uploading files by transferring them in the background was a lot faster, because I could perform 9 uploads simultaneously. However background transfers only seem to work when I drag files into the GUI, not when I am using the Synchronize function to Mirror the files to my server even though I have Transfer on background by default checked. This makes updating my files painfully slow.

I am unsure of the correct way to mirror my files in the background or if this is a bug. I need to mirror my files often enough that uploading everything again in the background is not an option but not running uploads in the background while synchronizing is slow enough to take multiple days.

This is not a problem with my upload speed or my server's download speed, both of which are confirmed running at gigabit speeds.