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Re: Remote directories appearing multiple times when selected

Thanks for your post.

This issue is being tracked already:

Remote directories appearing multiple times when selected

WinSCP Version 5.15.1 (Build 9407) on Windows 10 (latest update) and accessing an AWS server, using SFTP.

The issue presents as adding multiple directories of the same name when a remote directory (or sub-directory) is selected. This issue began May 15, 2019. I have changed nothing in WinSCP, in my coding for directory creation or directory changes, and on AWS.
Rebooting WinSCP fails to solve the issue. Refer to the attachments below.

Page 1.jpg: The correct remote directory structure.
Page 2.jpg: When I select 'sections', a duplicate '1000001139' and sub-directories appear above the original, plus the 'drafts' in the lower set is also duplicated.
Page 3.jpg: Likewise, when I select , say, 'acknowledgements' on the second set a third copy appears along with the double 'drafts' and gives a double 'acknowledgements'.
Page 4.jpg: When the first directory version ('1000001139') at the top is selected, the cursor immediately shows in the latest created version at the bottom.