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Re: Auto sync takes infinite time

Sorry, I'm not sure I understand what do you propose.

Auto sync takes infinite time


I have a folder with a lot of directories on the local (basically a clean WP installation). I have a remote folder with the same directories and files on a remote server. I wanted to auto sync the local server with the remote server, the problem is that the comparison for searching new modified files takes a long. I only want to edit a file and auto upload to my remote server, without needed to search one by one file like crazy (maybe is the reason because it takes a lot of time). Is there any way? Like Coda does (In Coda I open a file in the FTP, edited and when I save it the file automatically upload to the FTP server, I want to make something similar, I know that I can do with Sublime Text 3 but I want to have a clean directory user interface of my FTP server like Coda does and WinSCP does).