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Re: Deleting all empty folders using WinSCP

There's no way to delete empty folders with WinSCP scripting.

But once you are using C# anyway, you should switch to WinSCP .NET assembly:

With the assembly, it's way easier to iterate the folders, checking which are empty and deleting them.

Deleting all empty folders using WinSCP


I'm using WinSCP through an SSIS task.

I'm want to delete all the empty directories in the sftp server, but it doesn't work.

My code :

winscp.StandardInput.WriteLine("open Sftp://" + UserFilesServer + "@" + FilesServer + ":" + WinSCPPort + " -privatekey=" + KeyFilesServer + " -passphrase=" + WinSCPPass);

winscp.StandardInput.WriteLine(" cd " + PathFilesServer);
winscp.StandardInput.WriteLine(" cd ../" + PathFilesServerEnvoi);
winscp.StandardInput.WriteLine("rmdir *");

Everything works, except the last line "rmdir *" that doesn't have any effect.

I tried to use "rm *<1M" to delete everything that is less than 1MB but it deleted everything in the directory, even if it weights more than 1MB.

Can someone help me with this problem ?

Thank you in advance, best regards.