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Re: Connecting WinSCP to shared network drive

The current version of WinSCP does not support synchronization/comparison of two local folders (a shared folder behaves like a local folder).
Only synchronization/comparison against a remote folder over protocols like FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, etc.

Connecting WinSCP to shared network drive

Hello all,

Here is my problem. I have a shared mapped network drive that I use for work. When I'm connected to my company network I have to download zipped software packages onto my computer to ensure I have the latest version. I'm needing a program that can look at differences between the network drive and my local drive to see what has been updated by my company. I was told the WinSCP could do this, but I've never set up a site like this.

My drives are mapped as such,

k:\software or \\companynet\software

So is it possible to do comparisons like this and to update things that have changed?