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Re: Comparison Criteria option both and Criteria neither

I'm not sure what are you missing. I believe that all those options are supported by the API.
Quoting the documentation of the criteria parameter:
SynchronizationCriteria criteria

Comparison criteria. Possible values are SynchronizationCriteria.None, SynchronizationCriteria.Time (default), SynchronizationCriteria.Size and SynchronizationCriteria.Either. For SynchronizationMode.Both SynchronizationCriteria.Time can be used only.

SynchronizationCriteria.None = "neither"

Comparison Criteria option both and Criteria neither

I am working with Synchronization using the C#/.NET assembly, and I noticed that there are additional criteria options in the documentation that do not exist as parameters for the
SynchronizationCriteria criteria

I am referring to the options neither and both.

When both options are checked, Modification time has higher priority. As a consequence, file is not considered updated, despite having different size, if the source file is older than the destination file.

When neither option is checked, existing files are considered the same always. So only new files are synchronized.

Are there ways to chose those two options (neither and both) in the .NET assembly?