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Yes, that worked. Thank you.

Using Costura.Fody generates assembly missmatch

In a new project in Visual Studio 2017, WinSCPnet v5.15.3 is downloaded from Nuget Package Manager everything is working smoothly. I installed Costura.Fody v3.3.3 so that every dll is embeded in the .exe file for easier distribution and when it runs I get the error

"The version of C:\path_to_project\bin\Debug\winscp.exe ( does not match version of this assembly C:\path_to_project\bin\Debug\SFTPUploader.exe ("

I worked around this error by excluding WinScpnet assembly in the FodyWeavers.xml like this

I dont know if this is a problem in winscpnet or costura.fody but do you know how to solve it?